TomTom Automotive

We guide people on their journey reliably, safely and stress-free.

We are pioneers of innovation in satellite navigation

We are TomTom. We are 3500 professionals from more than 40 countries. We have a common goal: to guide people on their journey from A to B in a fast, reliable, safe and stress-free way. 

We started with digital mapmaking in 1988 before anyone else. We were the first to use active and passive community input to keep our map content up-to-date. We set car drivers free with the invention of the personal navigation device (PND) and changed the lives of millions. We created real-time map-making technology and traffic information as we know it today.

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We deliver great products with fast time to market

We are here to help to make great products that deliver high customer satisfaction. We have the technology, the tools and the knowledge to simplify complexity. 

Making great products that are simple to use is hard work. We understand the importance of collaborating with other parties in a complex value chain. We consider ourselves as specialists and love to work with our counterparts in other companies. We concentrate on what we are good at and we invite others to work with us.

We do this in an open way. We follow industry standards where possible and help to set standards too. It is not in our interest to lock customers into proprietary technology. 

We have the right knowledge and resources

Our products are designed to be used by other software developers and supported by high quality documentation and where possible with sample applications.

We try to find the right balance between using standard components to be fast, efficient and reliable, and customisation to allow Car Makers to differentiate.

We are easy to deal with. Our account managers and sales engineers have in-depth knowledge of our products and where needed we will bring product specialists to the table for detailed technical knowledge transfer.


The founders Peter-Frans Pauwels, Pieter Geelen, Harold Goddijn and Corinne Vigreux are all currently still working within TomTom. Our founders had the drive and vision to help grow TomTom from a small start-up to the multinational, blue chip listed company it is now.

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Harold Goddijn

CEO, Managing Director of TomTom Automotive

Having studied Economics at Amsterdam University, Harold started his career with a venture capital firm. He then founded Psion Netherlands BV in 1989 as a joint venture with Psion Plc and in 1991 co-founded TomTom. He continued to lead Psion Netherlands BV, developing it into a key European distributor for Psion. In 1998 he was appointed Managing Director of Psion Computers and served on the Board of Psion Plc from 1998 to 1999. Harold was appointed Chief Executive Officer of TomTom in 2001.

Taco Titulaer


Taco Titulaer is a Dutch national and holds a Master’s degree in Business Economics from the University of Groningen. Before joining TomTom in 2005, he spent eight years with KPN, where he held various management roles in Finance and Investor Relations. He was appointed Chief Financial Officer of TomTom in 2015.

Alain de Taeye

TomTom Management Board Member

Alain De Taeye, born in Belgium, graduated as engineer-architect from the University of Gent. After having done research work in the field of Operations Research at the Business School of the Gent University, he founded Informatics & Management Consultants (I&M) where next to IT consultancy, he continued his work on digital map databases and routing. In 1989 I&M was integrated into the Dutch Tele Atlas group and as of 1990 Alain headed Tele Atlas. During this period he successfully introduced Tele Atlas on both the Frankfurt and the Amsterdam Stock Exchanges. In 2008 Tele Atlas was acquired by TomTom and Alain joined the Management Board of TomTom.

Key TomTom Automotive People


ANTOINE SAUCIER - Managing Director of TomTom Automotive
HARALD BOHN - Senior Vice President of Automotive Sales
JAN-MAARTEN DE VRIES - Vice President of Product Management & Marketing
HAN SCHAMINEE - Senior Vice President of Connected Navigation Product Unit
HEIKO SCHILLING - Technical Fellow, Head of Navigation Engine Development
CEES VAN DOK - TomTom Fellow, Head of User Experience Design
RALF-PETER SCHAEFER - Vice President of Traffic & Travel Information Product Unit
PAUL HESEN - Vice President of Custom Systems
WILLEM STRIJBOSCH - Vice President of Autonomous Driving

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