Connected Navigation System

TomTom's Connected Navigation System is a unique OEM system based on easy-to -integrate standard components.

At TomTom, we have developed a Connected Navigation System (CNS) that gives system vendors and OEMs the components they need to develop a unique, state-of-the-art automotive grade IVI system, and that meets end-user expectations as driven by the Consumer Electronics market.

Our components are developed to create an OEM-branded custom system. To achieve this, an OEM may integrate selected components or choose a preintegrated CNS. Each component is designed to be used independently of other components, giving OEMs full flexibility.

CNS components meet strategic requirements

  • Easy to integrate within an OEM’s custom system
  • Flexible around which components may be integrated
  • Open standards-based, where possible
  • Market-tested


Real-Time Maps

Imagine a car that has always up-to-date maps. Whether you live in Paris, Los Angeles, Sydney or Amsterdam, the area around you and around the route to your next destination will always have the latest map data. The parts that are relevant to you are downloaded over the air without having to do anything. This requires very up-to-date maps but also maps of very high quality. TomTom delivers just this!

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Navigation Software

Bringing connected navigation into the vehicle is a complex task. We have done the hard work and developed a range of software components and tools that make it much easier to do this.

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Connected Services

TomTom connected navigation services give the end user access to the most relevant and real-time driver information. We optimise today’s driving experience with a range of navigation-centric connected services which are the modular components of the Connected Navigation Application and key ingredients to a high-quality navigation experience.

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TomTom Seamless Navigation Experience

Discover in this video the Seamless Navigation Experience by TomTom.

By combining our Connected navigation system, which work on every platform or operating system, we extend the user experience beyond the car.

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