Connected Services

TomTom connected navigation services give the end user access to the most relevant and real-time driver information.

We optimise today’s driving experience with a range of navigation-centric connected services which are the modular components of the Connected Navigation Application and key ingredients to a high-quality navigation experience. These components address the key needs of drivers and are designed with a focus on safety and usability.

Our Connected Services are based on community input and combine high-volume, historical and real-time data. We own the full chain of service creation, ensuring quality, the level of service, integration options and footprint of these services.

TomTom Traffic

The most accurate, real-time traffic information system available today. It gives you highly accurate and fast information for better route (re-)calculation and ETAs. 

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TomTom Speed Cameras

TomTom offers a comprehensive service with alerts for both Fixed and Mobile Speed Cameras. The TomTom Speed Cameras Service brings added value to your customers: the service is high quality, from single trusted global supplier, easy to integrate and 100% legal.

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TomTom Travel Services

In addition to the existing TomTom connected services, we can aggregate third party content for Services like Parking, Fuel, EV, Weather or other infotainment services.

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TomTom Online Services

Everything is possible. Access our TomTom Developer Portal and find our online resouces that will allow you to build your own customisable navigation products.

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