Real-Time Maps

Always up-to-date with TomTom maps.

In todays world, people expect to be always connected and always up-to-date. But every year about 15% of roads change – speed limits are updated, new businesses start, new streets are built and streets are renamed. Ensuring that the map keeps up with these ongoing changes is an incredible challenge.

At TomTom, we set the goal of “Real-Time Maps”, which is to deliver the highest quality and most detailed map by minimizing the time between detecting changes in the real-world and updating the map on the end-user’s device or platform.

With more than 25 years of experience, TomTom offers the world’s most extensive digital map database with navigable coverage across the globe. Today, smartphone experience drives customer expectations; always connected, available and up-to date. Drivers expect the same experience in their cars. TomTom brings up-to-date maps combined with the quality that is expected by the automotive industry.

Global, automotive-quality maps

We produce our own automotive grade quality maps on a global scale. Our maps are used by 400 million devices worlwide: on PNDs, in-dash navigation devices, smartphone applications, and web based applications.

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How we create the best real-time maps

We are leading in change detection, which makes our map-making processes highly cost-effective and our maps of very high quality. The most up-to-date base map combined with historical and real-time traffic content, as well as passive and active community input, make our product unique on a global scale.

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NDS (Navigation Data Standard)

The Navigation Data Standard (NDS) is an innovative format for readily compiled navigation maps, which is supported by the major players in the automotive industry. TomTom offers a global coverage of NDS products, including the delivery of incremental map updates.

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3D Navigation

Bringing remarkable visual enhancements to maps, allowing for a richer navigation experience. We create maps closer to reality.

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