Autonomous Driving and ADAS

Autonomous Driving or HAD (highly automated driving) is the most disruptive change in the automotive industry since the invention of the car.

Autonomous driving is introducing the biggest paradigm shift in the automotive industry since society moved from horse power to “horsepower” more than 100 years ago. This time it is the driver being removed from the equation instead of the horse. The driver will become a (co-) passenger and the driving task will be transferred to machines.

 TomTom Enables Autonomous Driving


The combination of TomTom’s HD Map and RoadDNA, represents the most accurate and robust technology to provide information about a vehicle’s precise lane location and the road ahead.

These products can be used by partners to develop a range of automated driving features, such as advanced lane guidance, active safety systems, and hands-free driving.



TomTom believes that the autonomous driving arena will soon become a complex ecosystem of many different cross industry players and technologies. For this reason, we see this as a great opportunity to apply our product offering, bring innovative business models and consolidate our partnerships in the future.

Autonomous Driving will completely transform not only the way we commute but will boost safety, comfort and efficiency of vehicles to a level beyond imagination. For that many high tech components need to work together in self-driving vehicles. TomTom offers critical elements such as:

Highly Detailed Map
Connected Services
Navigation Software

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ADAS a Step by Step Solution to Autonomous Driving


TomTom delivers world class quality content to support Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) applications globally.



ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

Enabling safety, comfort and efficiency with high quality, enhanced roadway content.


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