ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance systems)

Enabling safety, comfort, and efficiency with high quality, enhanced roadway content.

TomTom produces industry-leading, high-accuracy Advanced Driving Attributes (ADA) for OEM partners to enable Advanced Driver Assistance systems (ADAS).

ADAS profoundly increase safety, improve vehicle operating efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and enhance driving comfort within the connected automobile.


TomTom and Bosch SoftTec team up to deliver ADAS

TomTom has established a new partnership with Bosch to integrate its navigation technology and most up-to-date maps into Bosch's Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. This enables Bosch to develop more advanced applications including intelligent cruise control, upcoming curve alerts, and jam tail warnings, which are all critical components for car manufacturers developing the latest standard in automated driving systems.


 Some of the many ADAS applications include: 


  • adaptive cruise control
  • adaptive front headlights
  • eco-driving and coaching
  • overspeed protection
  • curve speed warning
  • Advanced Lane Guidance


Our approach is to ensure your brand is recognised as a clear leader in safety, comfort, and efficiency.


We are part of the ADASIS Forum, which is supported by major automotive Tier 1 Suppliers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of innovation in this segment.

Examples of our ADAS data include:

  • Gradient and absolute height: used commercially for ECO drive applications, ECO routing and ETA calculations
  • Curvature and geometry: allows for curve speed warnings for e-horizon providers
  • Speed profiles: the basis for IQ Routes, showing time dependent speed profiles for road segments.
  • Local Speeds: based on passive community input, providing real world behavior data for safety and efficiency applications
  • Traffic signals: stop sign/traffic light detection, e.g. useful for ECO routing

Multiple high quality sources

TomTom content is sourced and verified with our mobile mapping vans to ensure we meet the stringent quality requirements demanded by ADAS applications.

Additionally, we use the power of our community to generate new data products, complementary to our topographical products, to provide additional insights into how drivers behave on the road. We also leverage this same community to actively track changes on the road as the road network evolves over time, and to track changes and update maps with faster turnaround time, ensuring map updates are produced faster and with greater accuracy.

For more information, download our ADAS infosheet:



Or you can visit the website of our partner Bosch.