Highly Detailed Map

A highly detailed map for autonomous driving needs to be a fully accurate border-to-border model of the road, while being robust and scalable at the same time.

To provide the best quality solution for autonomous driving TomTom offers RoadDNA through HAD Map.

Highly Automated Driving Map


Highly automated driving (HAD) is the most disruptive change in the automotive industry since the invention of the car and will require an advanced on-board map to support various vehicle systems.
Enabled by its real-time map infrastructure, TomTom HAD Map provides a highly accurate and realistic representation of the roadway profile, including curvature and terrain information. The HAD Map extends the range of view for the vehicle while enabling smoother, safer and more efficient driving scenarios. The HAD Map can also be leveraged to fulfill a broad range of advanced driving applications.

End User Benefits

  • Highly precise vehicle positioning
  • Small data footprint
  • Robust feedback

Available Formats

  • XML
  • Shape File Format
  • Navigation Data Standard


A significant piece of the automated driving challenge is to accurately determine the location of the vehicle in a specific lane in a robust and trustful manner. Traditional GPS solutions, however, fail to deliver the needed accuracy and availability to comply with this must-have Highly Automated Driving (HAD) requirement. TomTom has developed RoadDNA, an innovative new product that addresses this challenge.

TomTom RoadDNA’s patented technology delivers a highly optimized, 3D lateral and longitudinal view of the roadway. With this, a vehicle can correlate RoadDNA data with data obtained by its own sensors. By doing this correlation in real-time the vehicle knows exactly where it is located on the road, even while traveling at high speeds.

TomTom RoadDNA, combined with the TomTom HAD Map, represents the most accurate and robust technology on the market to provide real-time information about a vehicle’s precise location on a map whilst coping with changes in the environment.

Info Sheet HAD Map


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