Navigation Software

Bringing connected navigation into the vehicle is a complex task. We have done the hard work and developed a range of software components and tools that make it much easier to do this. 

TomTom's Navigation Engine - NavKit

NavKit, TomTom's Navigation Engine, implements complex navigation algorithms and logic required for a full turn-by-turn navigation application. This enables customers to develop their own custom navigation system while using TomTom’s state of the art technology.

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Reference Navigation Application

NavApp is an Android-based reference application running on NavKit. NavApp has been designed to provide a simple and intuitive user experience, and includes a user interface (UI) that is also available on TomTom's latest range of portable navigation devices.

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Online Navigation Services

The development of two cloud-based solutions, Online Navigation Services and NavCloud, is TomTom's answer to a growing demand for off-board navigation services. Online Navigation Services provide a complete navigation application as a service; NavCloud - the synching and sharing service - allows access to data inside and outside of the car.

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