The Touch 2 & GO, Touch 2 & GO+ with 3 years of TomTom Traffic

TomTom's strategy is to offer modular a approach for its OEM customers. This allows to pick a module from the portfolio of software and services, Toyota selected TomTom for its unmatched traffic service and also for TomTom online search.

The Touch & GO and Touch & GO+ infotainment systems (with first release in 2014) and the Touch 2 & GO and Touch 2 & GO+ infotainment systems (with first release in April 2016) include respectively one and three years of TomTom Traffic. Customers can also order service extensions via the Toyota app market place.

Toyota Proace, a light commercial vehicle developed in partnership with PSA Groupe, will receive a new infotainment system featuring a bundle of several TomTom products, including 6 services** which will be available for up to 10 years.  

Toyota Proace drivers will be able to enjoy a fantastic navigation experience thanks to TomTom’s automotive-grade quality digital maps and award-winning navigation software “Navkit”, as well as TomTom Traffic. As a result, drivers will be able to work more efficiently, saving time and money on their daily drives, without having to worry about annual subscriptions.

Services delivered to the Toyota Proace include:

  • TomTom Traffic - Market leader for built-in systems
  • TomTom Local Search - Locates places around the user and navigates directly there
  • TomTom Speed Cams - Provide timely alerts on fixed and mobile traffic cameras
  • Weather - Always knows the weather ahead and helps make the drive safer
  • Parking - Provides real-time information on space availability at nearby parking buildings 
  • Fuel - Up to date fuel prices at nearby gas stations

TomTom traffic is delivered in real time via the Internet connection of the customer's smartphone. It alerts the driver on slow moving or queuing traffic, roadworks, accident with the option to re-route the journey to avoid congestion and save time.

  • Traffic Monitor - Provides a clear visual display of any traffic incidents or congestion along the route, estimating any delay to the journey.
  • Detour Option - Offers specific information about traffic incidents along the route and suggests  a detour option to save time.
  • Detour Information - Gives on-screen graphic information of a detour, along with the delay and additional mileage incurred compared with the current route, for informed journey planning.