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TomTom On-street parking wins second Innovation Award

TomTom’s (TOM2) On-Street Parking service has been announced as the winner of a TechXLR8 award for Innovation in Mobility Services at a ceremony in London. TomTom On-Street Parking, which is designed for drivers on the hunt for that hard-to-find parking spot, is available as a service to TomTom’s automotive and licensing customers, and complements the company’s existing Off-Street Parking service.

Antoine Saucier, Managing Director, TomTom Automotive, said: “Our On-Street Parking service is an incredible product  that utilises our historical Traffic data to offer drivers peace of mind and a hassle-free parking experience. It also represents another step towards the future of driving, where the service could be used by autonomous vehicles to find a parking spot.”

The TechXLR8 awards celebrate outstanding contributions in converging areas of technology. The award categories showcase companies leading the way in 5G, virtual and augmented reality, IoT, Cloud, connected automotive and artificial intelligence.

Earlier this year, TomTom On-Street Parking picked up an Automotive Innovation Award at the AIA awards.

TU-Automotive Detroit

At this year’s TU-Automotive on the 7th and 8th of June we released two new corporate articles regarding collaborations & new advances.

TomTom and Bosch Collaborate on World First: Radar Localisation Map Layer for Autonomous Driving

TU-Automotive Detroit, MI, USA, 7 June 2017       TomTom (TOM2) and Bosch today announced the creation of an HD map with integrated Radar Road Signature layer for the localisation of vehicles in autonomous driving. The Radar Road Signature layer will allow automated vehicles to determine their exact location on a road down to a few centimeters, working in conjunction with the TomTom HD Map.

The advantage of the Bosch Radar Road Signature map is its robustness: unlike maps that rely exclusively on video data for vehicle localisation, the Radar Road Signature can be used and generated reliably at night and in conditions of poor visibility. The Bosch Radar Road Signature only needs to transmit five kilobytes of data to a cloud per kilometre, which is half the bandwidth necessary for video-based mapping.

Harold Goddijn, CEO of TomTom, said: “We’ve been working hard to create the HD Map needed for autonomous driving, including localisation attributes such as TomTom’s RoadDNA. It’s exciting to be launching this additional localisation layer with Bosch in the form of the Radar Road Signature – that greatly increases the robustness of localisation under all circumstances.”

“The Radar Road Signature is a milestone on the path towards automated driving. It will enable automated vehicles to reliably determine their location at all times,” says Bosch board of management member, Dr. Dirk Hoheisel.

Bosch wants to launch the Radar Road Signature onto the market in Europe and the U.S. by 2020 at the latest.

TomTom advances industry with weekly map updates

TU-Automotive Detroit, MI, USA, 7 June 2017 – TomTom (TOM2) today announces that weekly global map database updates are now available for business customers. Weekly MultiNet-R* map updates result in the most up-to-date maps available from TomTom, four times faster than was previously available.

“Being able to provide weekly map updates to our customers is a very important achievement, one that is a direct result of our unique transactional mapmaking platform,” said Alain de Taeye, Member of the Management Board, TomTom. “By delivering weekly map updates, TomTom is enabling it’s customers to increase the quality of their applications by having more up-to-date map data. It is also an important step in continuously providing the quality required to support future use cases, most notably autonomous driving.”

With weekly map updates, TomTom continues to lead the industry in delivering up-to-date maps. The industry norm for global automotive grade maps is quarterly map releases; TomTom moved beyond this in 2016 with monthly updates and has now taken a step further by introducing weekly map updates.  By making a new map available every seven days, TomTom is enabling its customers to access map updates more than four times faster than ever before.

*MultiNet-R is TomTom’s relational exchange format that delivers easy to compile maps.