The automotive landscape is changing and TomTom is at the very frontier of innovation. Together with OEM and Tier 1 partners, we are working on cutting-edge Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

ADAS is the stepping stone towards the autonomous car

OEMs are working with TomTom to enable full vehicle autonomy in the not too distant future. Before this ambition is fully realised, drivers can already enjoy improved safety with intermediate levels of vehicle automation. This would not be possible without TomTom technologies providing the necessary content.

TomTom partners with leading companies including:

Different stages of vehicle automation and products powered by TomTom:


TomTom is at the heart of the self-driving revolution

TomTom offers essential building blocks for ADAS through its
Real-Time Maps and Connected Services. These components allow for predictive and smarter decision making, and increased safety and efficiency for drivers. For example, our maps contain relevant information for ADAS such as road curvature, gradient, lane marking and traffic signs.


Road curvature & gradient


Lane Markings and Traffic Signs

Road curvature and gradient allows for a smoother ride, lower fuel consumption and automated subsystems, leading to more humanised driving decisions.

Fusing governmental, community and professional sources has created highly accurate information on lane markings, traffic signs and speed restrictions. The latter is a vital component for NCAP-required “Intelligent Speed Assist” to help drivers maintain the correct speed.


For more information, download our ADAS info sheet: