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CES 2018

The future of driving, now.

CES 2018 was a fantastic event. We were thrilled to reveal brand new technologies for autonomous driving, with the launch of TomTom AutoStream coupled with two initial partners; Baidu & Zenuity. We have also introduced a solution for motion sickness in autonomous vehicle with the launch of TomTom Motion Q, which has been integrated into the new Rinspeed Snap, a robo-taxi concept vehicle revealed for the first time at CES.

In addition, we are excited to be working with Qualcomm to demonstrate new location technologies for autonomous driving.

To top it all off, we were honoured to be presented with the TIOBE Software Quality Award in all three categories: large-, mid- and small-sized projects by providing best-in-class Automotive-grade navigation software for customers.

We look forward to seeing you next year for CES 2019!

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