TomTom Parking

TomTom Parking services enable an efficient and stress-free parking experience, by informing the driver of the location of parking spots along the route and near your destination.

TomTom Parking

TomTom Parking enables an efficient and stress-free parking experience, by informing the driver of the location and real-time availability of parking spots along the route and at destination. TomTom Parking allows drivers to find and compare parking options in garages and parking lots, as well as on-street. TomTom Parking is available in two complementary options: On-Street and Off-Street Parking.

TomTom On-Street Parking

TomTom On-Street Parking leverages TomTom’s industry-leading pool of GPS probe data to accurately detect where drivers are searching for parking at different times of the day. With this information, TomTom On-Street Parking provides drivers with the probability (%) of finding an empty spot on any street at any time of day, as well as the average time it will take to find a spot.

To further enhance the parking experience, the On-Street Parking service also provides drivers with pricing and restrictions information where available. TomTom On-Street Parking enables drivers to make smarter decisions when it comes to searching for On-Street parking, enabling a more efficient and stress-free experience.


Check out how TomTom On-Street Parking works

Finding an empty parking spot is often a daunting experience. Especially in congested urban environments, drivers face the uncertainty of finding parking at destination, and are often forced to drive in circles to find an empty spot. This results in the loss of precious time, greater fuel consumption and more emissions.

TomTom Off-Street Parking

TomTom Off-Street Parking allows drivers to find and compare parking lots and garages along the route and at the destination. TomTom aggregates and processes static and dynamic data from various industry-leading suppliers and operators to provide drivers with relevant information.

This includes real-time parking availability, pricing information, operating hours, vehicle size and maximum stay restrictions, the number of motorcycle and disabled spaces, as well as facilities information such as car-wash, EV charging and security surveillance.


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