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Take advantage of our map content, places information, location search, best-in-class routing engine and traffic technology.


Online Routing


Online Maps


Online Search


Online Traffic

  • Plan a route from A to B using the traffic data
  • Plan a route through up to 50 intermediate points
  • Optimised routing
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  • Display a map of the whole world with zooming and panning
  • Display a map of a specific country
  • Display a map at the given location and show its detailed surroundings
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  • Search for an address, POI or a combination of both
  • Get better results with fuzzy matching and auto-completion
  • Find the nearest address for a point location (latitude/longitude)
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  • Display traffic delays and speeds on a map
  • Get traffic details like segment speeds, delay times and root cause
  • Obtain statistics for road segments or traffic incidents
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